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General Information


Special District Association

The Special District Association of Colorado (SDA) is a statewide membership organization created in 1975 to service the interests of the special district form of local government in Colorado.  You can search for annual transparency notices on this website.

Colorado Department of Local Affairs

Active Colorado Local Governments - This is a website where you can search by the name of the metropolitan district to find information such as budgets, audits, director information and terms, election materials, maps, and service plans.

Metro District Education Coalition

MDEC serves as a resource on how metropolitan districts work.

Legal Information


Colorado Department of Local Affairs

This is a website where you can find metropolitan district election forms, such as self-nomination forms.

Electronic Municipal Market Access (EMMA)

EMMA is designated by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission as the official source for municipal securities data and disclosure documents.  This is a website where you can search for information regarding debt issued by a metropolitan district.

Office of the State Auditor

This is a website where you can search for audits or audit exemptions filed by a metropolitan district.  Unless the metropolitan district is exempt (for example, the metropolitan district is inactive or has only nominal activity before development has commenced), the metropolitan district must undergo an annual financial audit by an independent auditor.